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Lydia® Voice Suite: The flexible voice picking software for your requirements

With Lydia® Voice Picking Software you can rely on the technologically advanced system for voice-guided picking processes in warehouse, intralogistics, production and maintenance. Ergonomics included. Increase the quality in picking, quality assurance or production. Benefit from maximum process reliability - and contented employees. Learn more about our portfolio and the applications. 

Of Benefits in all branches

The options of the Lydia® Voice Picking Software

Increase the speed of order compilation. Optimize picking quality with pick by voice. Ensuring maximum process reliability with the hands-free, eye-free concept of the technology. Find out more about voice picking software.

Quality assurance has the highest priority in elaborate testing processes. Support your employees with digital voice guidance with Lydia®. Paper lists are a thing of the past. Find out about all the advantages and areas of application. 

Consistent quality all the way to the client: With Deliver by Voice, we offer you a solution for the courier delivery process. Especially on the last mile, structured processes are important to ensure customers satisfaction. Learn more about this solution. 

Visual support- such as product images on a display - in order picking, maintenance or on the production line provides an additional quality assurance. We offer you the complete package: Voice picking combined with Pick by Vision. Find out more. 

Your advantages through voice-guided processes

Whether voice picking, Check by Voice or the latest  Deliver by Voice with voice-guided processes, your hands-onworkflows become more reliable and secure. Voice is the simplest form of human communication and therefore the handling of voice systems is easy to learn. The familiarization period is short and concise, as the systems are operated intuitively. New employees are quickly trained so that you can flexibly expand your team depending on the workload.      

With Lydia® 8 in the digital future

The Lydia Release 8 takes voice recognition to a new level: The technology works with neural networks for voice recognition and thus takes a decisive step towards artificial intelligence. With the dynamisation of voice grammars, the flexibility of the voice dialog increases significantly. Multilingual employee teams in particular benefit from the new voice recognition technology. The use of employees with dialect or non-native speakers becomes noticeably easier.

All information about the current Lydia Voice Suite can be found here
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