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Reliable delivery processes and satisfied customers with Deliver by Voice

The challenges in shipping logistics are increasing. Shorter delivery times, various logistics service providers and numerous types of dispatches need to be managed efficiently. Complex processes with delivery notes and paper lists can be a hindrance. With Deliver by Voice, we have made paperless data capture via voice picking suitable for delivery logistics. As a CEP or transport service provider, you benefit as usual from the hands-free/eyes-free concept. The whole delivery cycle can be managed via voice. This helps your employees keep their eye on the current traffic situation and increase overall occupational safety. Important order data, for example such as the next address, can conveniently be retrieved by voice. In combination with a mobile device, the recipient can also sign a delivery receipt. 


The advantages of your voice-guided package delivery at a glance

  • Intuitive control of the individual process steps during delivery via voice dialogue
  • Eyes free principle increases safety during orientation in road traffic
  • Optional transmission of process data to mobile voice devices via WLAN or UMTS

Deliver by Voice: One system for all process steps in parcel delivery

Optional vehicle check


At the start of the delivery process, Lydia® offers the option of carrying out a vehicle check. In dialogue with the voice system, the chauffeur checks all safety-relevant parameters such as tyre pressure and oil level. This increases road safety.

Efficient delivery process


The employee controls the package delivery according to his or her requirements. He or she retrieves the data by voice. In this way, the focus is always on the traffic situation. There is no need to look at an MDE device, for example. Hands and eyes are free and the process is smooth and efficient. 

Reliable acknowledgement


Upon delivery, the recipient conveniently acknowledges receipt of the goods on the mobile device. Alternatively, the courier will document that he has deposited the parcel at a location specified by the recipient. In this case, a photo can also be taken of the delivery location. 

Use your voice advantage

Speed and flexibility in parcel delivery

More experience
Safely to your goal with Lydia®!

Simple integration into existing IT structures

Lydia® Voice supports smooth integration with all common process management systems such as warehouse management and ERP systems, either via direct integration with the Lydia® Connector or via one of our Lydia® Connect interface modules. Lydia® Voice gives you the flexibility to create or extend your own voice application, depending on your system environment and expertise. 


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