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Lydia Warehouse Intelligence - The smart BI system for your voice logistics

Optimise your processes with Lydia® Warehouse Intelligence: How do I manage the performance of my voice application and do I already exploit its full  potential? How can I ensure that all voice employees are productive at a constant high level? What future steps can I already start planning today?


If you are concerned with these questions,you will find that Lydia® Warehouse Intelligence (LWI) is the right Business Intelligence tool for you. The Data Analytics architecture provides you with process, user and device data from your Lydia® Voice application in an administration interface and at the same time carries out an analysis of these values in real time. In this way, optimisation potentials can be identified at an early stage and suitable activities can be initiated. 

LWI supports you in the strategic management of your voice solution and ensures continuous process improvement. 

Your LWI benefits at a glance:

  • Transparent overview of the current status of all important KPIs of your voice application
  • Systematic data analysis as a basis for process improvement in your voice processes
  • Predictive maintenance for your mobile voice computers to reduce downtime
  • BI tool to identify optimisation potential
  • Cloud-based and on premises installation 
  • Optional interface to IT monitoring solutions

Discover the potential for optimisation with Lydia Warehouse Intelligence

Quality of the Wi-Fi network

The optimum performance of your voice application is matched to your Wi-Fi environment in the warehouse. If changes occur, LWI will indicate this and you can take appropriate action.


Duration of server requests

The data transfer between mobile voice computer and WMS/ERP server may be one of the time-critical factors in your voice application. LWI evaluates the duration and number of server requests for you so that you can react promptly to delays. 


Voice recognition quality

Is voice recognition within your application at a consistently high level? LWI shows you the quality of the recognition. In case of variations, LWI provides you with this information and you can intervene to optimise it. 


Dialogue Logger

How well do your employees master the voice dialogue? Are there any special issues in individual cases? The Dialogue Logger provides you with the information you need to react to exceptions.


Predictive maintenance for your voice hardware

LWI evaluates the runtime capacities and charging cycles of each individual battery of your mobile voice computer. On this basis, statements can be made about the remaining lifetime of the batteries and a timely increase of the battery pool can be initiated.   


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