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Do you have questions about our software or need information about our range of hardware? No problem! We’ve summarised the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, simply contact us — we’ll be happy to assist you.


Questions all about our Software

Learn all about the standards, features and implementation of our Lydia® Voice solutions.


Lydia® Voice supports mobile voice and smart devices running under Windows CE, iOS and Android. Server-side applications run under the current Windows operating systems and Linux.


Yes, direct integration is available for the SAP modules WM and EWM. Your benefit:


Yes, because Lydia is multilingual. You can manage any number of languages in your application, which your employees can use to communicate with Lydia®.


Yes, thanks to Lydia® Voice's speaker independence and intuitive usability, the training requirements are minimal, even for inexperienced personnel.


Yes, our Rent-a-Voxter® model provides an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of Voice without investing heavily in hardware. We also offer the same for our software solutions.


Our voice applications are used in numerous warehouses worldwide. Lydia® Voice supports all forms of manual order picking in all standard temperature zones (dry, chilled and deep freeze).


Lydia® Voice offers numerous standard interface modules for all common warehouse management systems, including direct integration into SAP. Of course, we can also create customised voice interfaces for your system.


Yes, because our voice-operated checklisting solution allows you to map various quality assurance and quality control processes.


In terms of voice processing, we are constantly developing new creative ideas for goal-oriented, voice-controlled employee management that helps to optimise your processes.


Questions about our hardware

Find out everything you need to know about Voxter®, VoiceWear® and our industrial-grade headsets that are designed to meet a wide range of requirements.


Our Voxter® solution is designed to cope with harsh daily life in the warehouse. It is robust and reliable and always up-to-date as a result of constant development and ongoing software updates. And thanks to its intuitive voice control, it does not require a potentially vulnerable display.


If you are interested in our voice solution, you can request a workshop on your premises. In addition to an initial visit to assess your needs, the main focus of this event is to analyse your processes and interfaces and give you tailored advice about optimising your warehouse with Voice. Naturally, some demo equipment will also be available on the day to ensure you can extensively test the hardware and picking process.


We support the handhelds and voice clients of a variety of reputable manufacturer such as:


  • ACD
  • Datalogic
  • Honeywell
  • Intermec
  • LXE
  • Motorola
  • Zebra
  • u.v.m.

Furthermore, we offer our own hardware from the Voxter Elite Edition, which is best suited to Lydia®

Our voice client, Voxter® Elite Edition, is specifically designed for multi-shift operation. During a shift change, only the hygienically relevant parts (such as the headset) need to be exchanged. It is not necessary to create a separate voice client for each employee.


You need a voice client such as our Voxter® Elite Edition and a headset, which you can alternatively replace with our Lydia® VoiceWear®. In addition, you can use a scanner, for example our Voxter® Scan Elite Edition, to record additional information such as lot numbers, best-before dates, etc.


Because our focus was on creating a device that is suitable for industrial use without compromises — this meant producing robust and reliable hardware while also ensuring the most intuitive operation possible. By eliminating a vulnerable display panel and using voice control, we can meet both of these criteria.


Another advantage of the deliberate omission of a screen is that, once switched on, the picker no longer needs to operate the device by hand for the rest of the shift and can thus concentrate fully on their work.

Questions on the Support and Repair Service

Learn all about our qualified support, servicing and all-inclusive packages.


Yes, we provide a hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We would be happy to put together a suitable support package for you.


In consultation with you, we determine your individual needs and offer you a tailor-made package.


Contact our technical support. They will then carry out a fault analysis and, if necessary, arrange for the defective device to be sent to our qualified repair centre, where the fault/defect will be diagnosed and remedied as soon as possible.


Yes, because when we receive your first error report, we will open a one-to-one ticket that keeps you up-to-date with the progress and location of your items during the entire process (both shipping and repair).