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CONA Selects LYDIA™ Voice CONA Selects LYDIA™ Voice

CONA Services and LYDIA™ Voice -
It's the Real Thing!

CONA Services LLC, a long-time user of voice-directed workflows, decided to evaluate a new voice solution. The Atlanta-headquartered organization - which provides information technology services for a dozen different North American Coca-Cola bottlers - saw this as an opportunity to take a fresh look at the solutions currently available in the market and chose LYDIA Voice by EPG.



"From the moment we gave LYDIA Voice to the team, we saw major productivity increases in every facility, every person, every shift. Our users to this day love it."

- Thomas Peterson, Senior Solution Architect for Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages

LYDIA Voice offered CONA and Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages native SAP integration and was deployed in over 120+ locations in less than a year, benefiting more than 2,000 users. This implementation led to an average productivity increase of 7% at each facility.

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Learn How CONA Implemented LYDIA Voice Across 120+ Coca-Cola Bottler Locations and Achieved a 7% Productivity Increase Over The Previous Voice Solution.

Successful Implementation Across 120+ Coca-Cola Bottler Locations

EPG's LYDIA Voice Improves Overall Productivity and Associate Satisfaction

Quick Facts About the CONA Case Study

30,000 Users

and more than 160,000 sales orders per day


Up to 7% Productivity Increase

due to improved voice recognition

120+ Coca-Cola Bottler Locations

deployment within 12 months

Native SAP Integration

via remote function call (RFC)

Technologically leading Voice Solution


LYDIA Voice is the first voice recognition solution for the logistics market to use deep neural network technology designed specifically for the industrial environment where “near perfect” voice recognition is required and eliminates outdated voice-template training. LYDIA Voice virtually eliminates one of the most time-consuming multi-site IT responsibilities associated with a typical voice project when LYDIA Voice Enterprise SiteSwitcher with dynamic set-up is leveraged. The product offers native integration with SAP EWM and WM and direct integration with additonal leading ERP/WMS solutions. Extensive real-time analytics is available with LYDIA Warehouse Intelligence (LWI).