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Guide to the perfect Voice Solution Guide to the perfect Voice Solution

Selecting the right voice provider: aspects to consider.

It been clear for many years that the pressure to optimize logistics operations is relentless. Customers are placing ever higher demands on delivery deadlines and the variety of products on the market is constantly growing. This in turn means that intralogistics processes need to move faster, and still deliver maximum cost-effectiveness - properties which also required by systems already deployed. Voice has been outpacing many automated solutions for years and, despite increasing digitization and automation, voice-guided assistance systems have now become an indispensable part of the logistics world. But voice is not just voice. When choosing a provider, it is important to examine some of the key criteria. We are happy to help!



Guide to choosing the right voice solution

Voice systems have been viewed for several years now as the perfect human-machine interface. A high level of employee acceptance along with ease of use are just as important as cost-effectiveness. If you have already decided to deploy voice technology the following white paper from the German Institut für Angewandte Warehouse-Logistik (IAW) provides an overview of what you need to consider when choosing a provider. It provides a detailed checklist as a guide to help you choose.

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Why a speaker-independent voice solution?

  • Increased efficiency by up to 30%
  • No voice training required - employees can start immediately
  • Rapid success thanks to increased productivity
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Optimum voice recognition, also for employees with dialects or accents
  • Increased employee satisfaction as it is intuitive to use

"Lydia Voice is one of our core solutions in our five hubs and more than 70 depots across the DPD network. Lydia provides us with the utmost sorting accuracy and parcel tracking, along with greater flexibility in our workforce d

Desmond Smith, Executive Director - Network Services, DPD



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Next Level Voice Technology

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Requirements for a modern voice solution.

Ability to respond to changing requirements at any time




Voice systems have a clear advantage in terms of flexibility, as borne out by the recent example of the COVID-19 pandemic. Voice is so flexible it can be adapted to changing requirements at any time. Voice recognition can also operate with leading solutions, and even with a face mask which is now a standard hygiene requirement in many warehouses.

Greater quality for greater efficiency



Increased efficiency

Improvements in process efficiency can be achieved much faster with voice than with other picking systems. Users report an increase in picking performance of up to 30 percent within a very short time. The simple fact is that picking is still the biggest cost factor in a warehouse. Voice can provide the necessary increase in performance and significantly optimize costs.                       

100% customer satisfaction thanks to error-free deliveries



Quality benefits

Voice ensures that employees are much more focused as they work. They also confirm each step with voice input. This means voice usage boosts order processing quality and delivers maximum customer satisfaction thanks to on-time and error-free deliveries. Connecting the system to a higher-level ERP or WMS also increases transparency in inventory management for example which raises quality in order processing still further.

Seasonal business requires maximum flexibility



Changing workforce

Flexible voice systems are the ideal solution for sectors requiring frequent personnel changes, such as in seasonal businesses. Speaker-independent systems do not require long training periods – employees are immediately productive, because time-consuming language training is not necessary. Productivity increases can be seen very quickly, enabling your seasonal business to operate reliably.


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Even more flexibility.

Modern voice solutions go one step further.

To meet the high demands in the logistics sector, existing technology-based solutions are continuously being further optimized. One example of these is artificial intelligence (AI), which is able to process ever larger volumes of data. This is why voice solution providers also rely on AI components when developing their voice software, as its huge potential has already been recognized. In addition to speaker-dependent and speaker-independent systems, this technology has introduced a new generation of voice solutions to the market. Integrating AI components using deep neural network technology provides significant time-saving benefits since even employees with a strong accent or dialect can start work immediately without requiring extensive voice training. Deep neural network technology significantly increases the reliability of voice recognition and ensures every employee can work reliably, regardless of dialect or accent – even when wearing a face mask. This technology delivers a much more efficient voice-based process, eliminating repetitions during voice input.



Reliable voice recognition, even with face masks. FIND OUT MORE!