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Voice Picking: The solution for greater warehouse performance.

Voice Picking takes the quality of your intralogistics processes to a new level. Maximize security, increase employee satisfaction and improve processes - simply by voice. Lydia® Voice provides all relevant information such as storage location, quantity and item description. The employee also confirms the information via voice input. Use the Voxter® headset and mobile voice computer or the Lydia® Voice Wear®

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Voice Directed World: voice-guided systems in intralogistics

In the context of digitization, the intelligent voice picking system offers decisive advantages: The employees are supported optimally in their workflow and a digital data transfer is guaranteed throughout. In addition to scalable costs, the intuitive operability of the system is a major advantage. New colleagues and seasonal workers do not require long training periods. Voice picking is an established IT solution and an important component & benefit in the context of Logistics 4.0. 

The advantages of voice picking with Lydia®

Hands free, eyes free: order pickers are guided through the work process by the Lydia® voice picking solution. As a result, efficiency and quality increase. Employees concentrate on the most important work steps - there is no need to look at paper lists or MDE displays. Double handling is avoided. This is worth it: For most customers, the investment pays for itself within one year. Lydia® is also speaker-independent. There is also no need for time-consuming training. Employees can start immediately.

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