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Comprehensive testing of LYDIA Voice 9.1 via demo app

EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group) has expanded its well-established LYDIA Voice demo app for Android and iOS devices to include new features from LYDIA Voice 9.1. For some time now, the Android version has featured the possibility of multi-language recognition. This has now also been made available for the iOS app. The app has also been expanded for both operating systems to include multi-language output – one of the highlights from the new Lydia Voice 9.1 version. Users are therefore now able to benefit from multi-language recognition and audio output. The iOS app has also been completely redeveloped and features a new and improved design. Logistics workers have the opportunity to comprehensively test all the new features in the demo app before using them in live operation. The new versions are free to download in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.


LYDIA Voice demo app with new functions for Android and iOS

The LYDIA Voice demo app allows users to easily test all the benefits of voice-assisted order picking on an Android or iOS mobile device. Users are guided through the voice process step by step and can test out LYDIA Voice on a real-life picking process – from order commencement and warehouse location confirmation to picking the product from the shelf. This allows them to experience the quality and efficiency of LYDIA Voice for themselves before using it in live operation.


Testing out multi-language recognition and audio output via the app

A unique advantage of LYDIA Voice is its multi-language recognition. This allows all members of multinational teams to easily use LYDIA Voice in their own native language, which means they can start working productively right away. This feature is now also available to test out in the demo app. Users can choose up to five languages at the same time from a total of 25. LYDIA Voice 9.1 even supports more than 50 languages in live operation. In the latest version of the demo app, logistics workers now also have the opportunity to test the multi-language output feature. This allows multiple languages to be allocated to LYDIA Voice users for voice recognition and audio output. The language can be easily changed via voice command. This helps to save companies even more time when training non-native speakers, while also increasing usability.


100% voice control

Not only can the output language be changed by voice command, users of the LYDIA Voice demo app are also able to experience the complete range of functions of the "voice only" principle, since the process is 100% controlled by voice command. Service commands, for example to adjust volume or speed, can be easily given by stating percentage figures, and the microphone can also be switched on and off by voice. Users can therefore keep their hands free throughout the entire process, a crucial benefit of LYDIA Voice that can be tested in the demo app. 


LYDIA Voice: the leading voice technology solution

LYDIA Voice does not require any time-consuming voice training. Users can therefore work productively with the solution after a very short time. This is particularly beneficial to industries with seasonal peaks during which more personnel are required. Customers who switch to LYDIA Voice from another system have reported productivity gains of 7–15 %. Today, LYDIA Voice is the world’s leading pick-by-voice technology and the only such solution that can be tested in advance under real conditions using the demo app.