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In-depth advice from our voice experts

Our voice workshops provide the ideal start for your voice project. Where do you stand in terms of logistics and IT infrastructure? How are your processes organised? What hardware is the best solution for your business? All of these issues are resolved by our voice experts in consultation with you. We take our time and directly analyse the various processes at your location. We then send you a quotation that is exactly tailored to your needs and requirements — 100% flexible and customised. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to test the Lydia® Voice Suite. Ultimately, you will only really see the benefits of our technology via practical tests.

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From check-up to implementation: the path to an efficient voice solution

Status quo analysis

The first step is to perform an inventory, so our voice experts accompany you on a warehouse tour. This enables us to identify and analyse any prerequisites, special features and existing processes. How is the stock arranged and classified? What kind of storage locations are available? Are warehouse coordinates being used and are identification or check digits already available? Subsequently, our focus is on translating our findings into a suitable voice solution — and always in close consultation with you, because this is the only way to guarantee your success. 

Optimisation potential

After the tour, we head to your meeting room. Together with your company’s logistics managers, we plan the roll-out and use of Lydia® Voice. All process steps are analysed to create a custom solution. At this point, it's all about defining the necessary functions and features, while always keeping the potential and achievable optimisation potential of our voice solution in view.

IT Infrastructure

In addition to the logistical processes, the customer's existing IT infrastructure plays an important role in the introduction of Lydia® Voice. Together with your IT expert, we clarify the IT requirements and conditions at your location. Which WMS and ERP system is in use? What would the ideal interface concept look like? Our voice experts will find the optimal solution to easily integrate our voice software into your existing IT infrastructure.

Project Implementation

All requirements are defined and optimisation potential identified. Now it's time for the actual implementation. We create a timetable for you that includes the subsequent project steps. You receive a single quotation that lets you see all the essential information at a glance. The integration of Lydia® is now underway! Very soon, you will reap the benefits of the market-leading voice software.



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