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Voxter® Elite +: The perfect assistant for your voice picking application

The mobile voice computer Voxter® Elite + sets new standards in the implementation of voice-guided processes: small, robust and powerful, it can be easily integrated into any existing IT environment. Platform and interface independent. With a weight of less than 100 g and maximum wearing comfort. Brand new: The Voxter® Elite + is now also available with the enterprise operating system Android Industrial + and follows the latest technological standards. This means that high-precision data transfer is now also possible when using Bluetooth headsets. Contact us and convince yourself!

Voxter® Elite +

The robust and reliable voice device for all requirements!


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Artificial intelligence integrated: the Voxter® Elite +

The latest generation of the mobile voice device the Voxter® Elite + is unique on the market: In combination with the Lydia® Voice Suite 8, it increases the efficiency of all voice-guided processes and uses - in addition to the current technical IT standards - a technology based on the principle of neural networks. Companies with an international workforce can benefit immensely by using this technology. In addition, the new Voxter® has durable components and thus meets the requirements of a wide variety of industries

This characterizes our Voxter® Elite +:

  • 100% voice operable
  • 24 / 7 Use possible
  • Suitable for deep freezing down to -30 °C
  • Crash-proof even without airbag
  • Diving in shallow waters
  • More powerful than ever before

Intuitive operation by voice: The Voxter® always listens to the word

The Voxter® was specially developed for mobile data acquisition by voice - and is conveniently operated by voice. With the exception of switching on and off, all service commands are already integrated into the Lydia® voice software suite. The login and all functions, such as volume and speed control or microphone muting, are intuitively controlled by voice input. Simple, smart and without a single movement. This is a decisive advantage, especially when working with gloves or in deep-freeze applications. Our competent partners in logistics and industry are also convinced of the advantages of the Voxter®.


The time is ripe for Android Industrial+ in voice applications

We have put a lot of development work into Android technology over the last few years, especially in terms of security, optimal data transfer and voice recognition. Many customers prefer a wireless Bluetooth headset for their daily work with our voice solution Lydia® Voice. With the enterprise operating system Android Industrial +, we now provide the appropriate operating system that meets the highest demands in terms of security, data transfer and voice recognition performance. At the same time, Android Industrial + dispenses with applications and services that are exclusively intended for the consumer sector. Now is the time for Android in voice applications and the use of industrial Bluetooth headsets.

Perfect for Bluetooth headsets:
The Voxter® Elite+ Android

The Voxter® Elite + Android is designed for use with Bluetooth headsets - meeting the high demand for a reliable operating system in combination with a wireless headset model. With Android Industrial + you benefit from a much more stable and precise voice recognition even in demanding environments. The Voxter® Elite + Android is equipped with the Voxter® SafeGuard package so that regular security updates can be carried out automatically. A matching Lydia® Bluetooth headset, which is optimally designed for use in demanding environments, is also available. The headset also offers more freedom of movement than the wired headset variant. It is waterproof to IP67 and suitable for picking in the deep-freeze warehouse. The battery life lasts up to 18 hours and the battery can be changed during operation. All hygiene components are easily replaceable. Take the opportunity to switch to the most reliable enterprise operating system currently available on the market!


Voxter® Elite + Android

The Voxter Elite + - now on Android!


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