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VOXTER Vantage VT5 VOXTER Vantage VT5

3x faster voice recognition
with the VOXTER™ Vantage VT5.

No device supports voice applications with LYDIA™ Voice better than the new VOXTER™ Vantage VT5 mobile voice computer. The voice computer was specifically developed to be used with LYDIA™ Voice. Running on the enterprise operating system Android™ Industrial+, it offers a cutting-edge, voice-optimized platform. All software and hardware components have been designed to work in perfect harmony and have been optimised to offer maximum performance in terms of voice recognition, data transmission and data security. The VT5 also impresses with its unique, low-maintenance design and its outstanding life cycle.


Benefits of the VOXTER™ Vantage VT5:

  • 3x faster voice recognition than its predecessor model
  • Low maintenance by design
  • Hot-swappable battery – no restart required
  • Enterprise operating system Android™ Industrial+ with SafeGuard guarantee
  • 100% voice-directed when in use
  • "Tap to pair" functionality via NFC
  • At least 10 years of service availability
  • Optimised high density audio technology
  • Enterprise device management

The VOXTER™ Vantage VT5 voice computer.

Outstanding life cycle thanks to
"its low-maintenance design"

The VOXTER™ Vantage VT5 impresses with its unique design concept, which guarantees ergonomic handling and low maintenance costs. In terms of the development of the VOXTER™ series, great value is placed on producing particularly robust components as well as on avoiding mechanical moving parts. The VT5 features just a single button to turn the device on and off. When in use, it can be 100% directed by voice commands. Customers benefit from low wear and tear and infrequent hardware failures.


VOXTER™ Vantage VT5 – fully compatible

SafeGuard guarantee and fully compatible



We guarantee a life cycle of at least 10 years for the VOXTER™ Vantage VT5. The hardware is available for at least five years and support is guaranteed for at least a further five years. Thanks to the VOXTER™ SafeGuard guarantee, the technology is also supplied with updates and security patches for the entirety of its life cycle.

The mobile voice computer is a flexible hardware upgrade for our customers. The new model is fully compatible with existing equipment from the VOXTER™ series, including the LYDIA™ VoiceWear order picking vest.


Android™ Industrial+:
Voice-optimised enterprise operating system

The VOXTER™ Vantage VT5 is used in combination with the enterprise operating system Android™ Industrial+. The latter offers the modern, stable platform of a standard Android™ operating system, but has been specially optimised to meet the requirements of a logistics and industrial environment. It not only fulfils much higher demands in terms of security and performance, but also features extended settings parameters that are relevant to the performance of LYDIA™ Voice and the hardware being used.




The most advanced complete package on the voice market.




Enterprise operating system
Android Industrial+:

  • Does not use the (consumer) services of third parties
  • SafeGuard guarantee (updates and patches for at least 10 years)
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Fast and reliable data transmission (WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth)
  • Better and more reliable WiFi connection than with a standard Android™ system
  • Optimised support for all audio devices via cable or Bluetooth
  • Comprehensive development expertise and full access to source code
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer