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Get started with state-of-the-art employee management — with Lydia® Voice

Increased efficiency and accurate order processing in production and the warehouse, while ensuring maximum security and traceability of the respective processes — these are the priorities of today’s corporate management. Get in shape for the future. With Lydia® you have the perfect companion at your side in all areas. Whether for employee management, process control or quality management, the Lydia® Voice Suite delivers exactly what you need. Arrange an appointment with our voice experts today — find out more about our voice workshops and range of solutions.

Your Choice for Voice

Your Lydia® Voice project starts now

In the first phase, our voice experts examine your logistics processes directly on site. All relevant details are recorded, as this is the only way to create a potentially successful concept for integrating our voice solution into your infrastructure. Our aim is to find out what optimisation potential exists with voice-based solutions — our team of experts will inform you comprehensively about this.

Using the results from the first phase, we then define your individual needs in consultation with you. We always keep your requirements in focus to ensure we can fully exploit the existing optimisation potential.

In this critical phase, the new process flows are defined, the potential for voice integration is further maximised and new optimisation possibilities are derived. Subsequently, it's time to look at your IT infrastructure — data protection and IT security are growing in importance.

The time has now arrived for the actual implementation of your Lydia® project! The previously developed concepts and your customised voice solution will be integrated into your principal system — WMS or ERP.

Following the implementation, initial testing and acceptance, the system is ready to go live: Lydia® is now your daily assistant for your warehouse or production tasks — and without any additional employee training. Our solution is speaker-independent, which means you do not need to create individual voice profiles for your staff. Furthermore, the system is highly intuitive to operate and, as you will soon discover, the benefits of Lydia® mean the system soon pays for itself.


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