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Lydia® Voice – The innovative Voice System for Your Processes

Lydia® is the world's most advanced system for ergonomic, voice-guided work processes. Our hands-free/eyes-free concept guarantees maximum freedom of movement for users and lets them concentrate fully on their essential work steps.

From our range of voice-controlled solutions, choose your tailor-made system for use in intralogistics, production, maintenance and quality assurance.

This is what sets Lydia® Voice apart.

  • Speaker-independent – Lydia® Voice can be used by employees without additional training.
  • A Variety of Processes – Lydia® Voice supports numerous processes in intralogistics and production.
  • Hardware-independent Lydia® Voice is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Simple Integration Lydia® Voice includes standard interfaces for all common WMS/ERP systems.
  • Quality – Lydia® software and hardware are high-quality, “Made in Germany” products that meet the highest standards.
  • Safe Investment Lydia® Voice is hardware and platform-­agnostic and thus a future-proof solution.

Lydia® brings your warehouse up to speed!

When using Lydia®, your employees are equipped with only a headset and a mobile, voice-operated computer. Using WLAN or UMTS, the order data is transmitted from the higher-level warehouse management or ERP system to the mobile voice clients and converted into spoken instructions.

All information is announced by Lydia®  over the headset, including the storage location, quantity to be picked and even the item descriptions. This is then confirmed by the employee via voice input.

The benefits here are obvious — the pickers are guided through the work process by Lydia® and always have their hands and eyes free for the essential work steps. This results in a significant increase in quality and work efficiency — for the majority of customers, the conversion to a voice-guided system pays for itself within one year.

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