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LYDIA Subscription
Easy and flexible rental model for pick by voice

LYDIA Subscription is a rental model for the simple and cost-efficient integration of our LYDIA VOICE solution into your existing warehouse environment. The rental package is your easy entry into voice-directed warehousing with LYDIA VOICE, including all the required voice licenses as well as licenses for integration into the overarching warehouse management or ERP system. Take your intralogistics processes to a whole new level today and benefit from a quick ROI using leading voice technology.

Benefits of LYDIA Subscription:

  • Simple calculation of costs
  • Early ROI
  • No capital expenditures in fixed assets
  • Easy scalability with additional workers
  • Use of the latest software and hardware incl. comprehensive service
  • Compatible with numerous, industrial-standard voice and RF terminals

Free Webinar: LYDIA Pick by Voice – Now available by subscription

Start optimising your intralogistics operations today. Reap the benefits of leading voice technology – without any high investment risks. Our new subscription model provides you with a simple and cost-effective way to venture into the world of voice-assisted warehouse environments. With LYDIA Subscription, you’ll be able to respond to the changing requirements in your logistics operations with maximum flexibility.

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By submitting your data, you consent to the details you have provided on this form being processed. Your data is processed to respond to your query. I accept the Privacy Policy.

Reduce costs quickly and flexibly

For many companies, software rental models represent an appealing alternative to purchasing the products outright since they can avoid upfront investments and prevent resources from being tied up for long periods of timeFlexible subscription models do not require any overall capital expenditures, and therefore do not tie up capital within a company’s fixed assets. They thus offer a seamless and cost-efficient way to optimise processes with an early return on investment.

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LYDIA Subscription – The easy route to a voice-assisted warehouse

LYDIA Subscription allows you to access the software licences and mobile voice computers required to use LYDIA VOICE. Integrated into your ERP or overarching warehouse management system, LYDIA helps you to handle picking orders reliably and efficiently. 

In addition to the software, the voice computer VOXTER Elite + voice client, including batteries and charger, is also included in the standard subscription package to help ensure maximum comfort. VOXTER Scan +, the ergonomic handheld scanner, can also be included in the rental package if advanced data collection is required.

What's more, you receive comprehensive hardware and software support, including release upgrades. This ensures that you always benefit from the latest software features and security updates.

LYDIA Subscription is also hardware-independent and can therefore be used on the devices of other manufacturers, provided they meet the requirements for voice applications in an industrial environment. In this case, you would only need to rent the software licences, giving you maximum flexibility.

Benefits of voice-assisted processes using LYDIA VOICE

  • Intuitive to use with voice input/output
  • Increased efficiency through avoidance of unnecessary hand movements
  • Optimal ergonomics thanks to hands-free/eyes-free principle
  • Improved process quality with focused employees 
  • Reduced costs through lower error rate
  • High flexibility thanks to hardware- and platform-independent solution

LYDIA pick by voice solution for logistics and industry

Through our pick by voice solution, LYDIA, we provide you with a range of voice-assisted systems in the fields of intralogistics, production, maintenance and quality assurance. The voice-assisted processes help to make your manual workflows more secure and reliable, while also optimising your processes and process quality. The order picking system LYDIA VOICE can also be seamlessly integrated into your current IT environment. Modern voice systems support trouble-free communication with all conventional warehouse administration and ERP systems – either through direct integration or via suitable interface modules.

No prior voice training is required for LYDIA VOICE and it can be used by all employees within minutes – regardless of their various dialects and accents. All relevant information, such as amount, warehouse location and item number, are stated by the voice assistant. The employee then confirms this information by voice command, either by speaking into a headset or alternatively via LYDIA VoiceWear, an innovative order picking vest in which all headset components are already integrated. Your order picking operations can therefore benefit from a significant increase in quality and performance within a very short space of time.


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