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Hega focuses on high wearing comfort with Lydia® Voice Wear®

Full freedom of movement in the order picking process: Since last year, Hega GmbH relies on paperless order picking with the Lydia® VoiceWear®. The pick-by-voice system, consisting of vest and integrated speech computer, proves itself in the warehouse especially when handling heavy or bulky goods. Thanks to new freedom of movement for employees and paperless processes, Hega benefits from a tripling of the picking speed. After an intensive test phase, the wholesaler for animal supplies, pet supplies, pet food and seeds decided to double the existing contingent of order picking vests. 

Pick speed tripled

A decisive requirement when trading and shipping pet food and seeds is the picking of goods by weight. This special feature also plays an important role for Hega, the leading wholesaler of pet supplies, pet supplies and pet food in Germany, in organising the logistics process chain. Thanks to Lydia® VoiceWear®, the wholesale company's order picking staff have both hands free to move the goods: Especially when handling large bags of pet food or 25 kilograms of bird food, full physical effort is required. The package of picking vest plus integrated Voxter® convinces with high wearing comfort: no elements such as headset and cable are required. "At the beginning we worked with the Lydia® VoiceWear® and documents in parallel. In a direct comparison it immediately became clear that the vests bring us a clear efficiency advantage in the entire order picking process," says Nils Manthei, IT Manager at Hega. "Some of the employees with vests were three times faster than order pickers who worked with lists." The system also offers Hega employees special added value due to its simple handling: The order pickers put on the vest and start the work process immediately - long preparation times are eliminated. Weighing only 500 grams, the system is particularly light and comfortable to carry. Integrated powerful speakers and microphone components also ensure smooth information transmission. 

Dynamic replenishment and reporting processes

"In addition to accelerated picking processes and optimized goods handling, Lydia® Voice also supports us in organizing logistics," says Manthei. "The system automatically triggers various processes. Overall, our administrative expenses have thus been significantly reduced." The wide range of Hega products places different demands on the logistic processes. In order to guarantee quality and traceability of the goods, products from the seed sector, among other things, require special reporting. When an employee picks an item with a batch number, Lydia® gives the necessary instructions and triggers the recording of the tracking numbers. Employees also report zero quantities in the picking area via the voice system. Based on this information, Hega creates dynamic replenishment lists with which replenishment is organized. For bulk orders of complete pallets, the voice solution initiates a separate process flow: The goods are requested separately from the replenishment warehouse and then temporarily stored in a buffer location, where they are consolidated with the other articles in the order.