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Lagerarbeiter verwendet die Kommissioniermethode Warenentnahme per Sprachsteuerung.

Which picking methods are there?

Picking refers to the compilation of items as part of an order processing. There are basically five different ways to approach this type of warehouse process. The choice of the preferred picking method depends on the specific circumstances of each warehouse.
1. Pick by Paper
This is the most conventional form of picking. It is based on the use of paper lists and does not require any technical support whatsoever. The information captured on the lists is then usually transferred to a computer system. The advantages of this picking method include the low investment costs, while the disadvantages lie in the high susceptibility to errors and the low mobility of warehouse staff.

2. Pick by Light
The picking method Pick by Light is not based on the warehouse employee, but on the warehouse itself. With the help of light signals, the workers can see where in the warehouse the items have to be picked. The picking process can then be confirmed by keystroke. The advantages of this method are the high mobility of the warehouse staff, a reduced susceptibility to errors and a simplified picking process. Disadvantages are the high costs for implementation and maintenance of the system.

3. Pick by Scan
With Pick by Scan, the warehouse worker uses a so-called portable data terminal, also known as a hand-held scanner. This picking method is popular not only in warehouse environments, but also in the retail industry due to its flexibility, low susceptibility to picking errors and minimal training time. The disadvantages, however, include a limited mobility and the relatively high initial costs of the hardware.

4. Pick by Vision
The next method is called Pick by Vision. Here, the warehouse worker wears smart glasses to pick the individual articles. The use of these smart glasses allows the user to work hands-free making Pick by Vision a method that is less susceptible to picking errors. However, it is obviously associated with much higher acquisition costs.

5. Voice Picking
The last picking method is known as Voice Picking. As the title already suggests, the order picking works entirely by voice control. By using headsets or vests and their integrated speakers and microphones, the user can interact with a voice guided assistance system. This software provides him with all relevant instructions for his picking order, which he can then answer by voice command. The advantages of Voice Picking are obvious: Apart from the comparatively low hardware costs, the picking method offers more mobility and a higher picking speed than any other solution. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, high noise levels in the warehouse and difficult dialects are no longer an issue for the software.

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