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LogiMAT 2019: topsystem turns the warehouse into a transparent place

Optimum control of warehouse processes with Lydia® Warehouse Intelligence

Optimum control of warehouse processes with Lydia® Warehouse Intelligence

Exclusive product presentation at the LogiMAT: topsystem presents its Business Intelligence (BI) tool Lydia® Warehouse Intelligence (LWI). This market innovation structures and analyzes the process data collected with Lydia® Voice and makes it available for further analysis. By the graphic preparation of the information users receive fast a comprehensive overview of current Voice processes. Beyond that, topsystem will present further new features in hall 8, booth B75, which make the use of the Lydia® Voice Suite even more comfortable. These include Lydia Voice online help, a flexible TTS system and a text messaging system. 

Business Intelligence is gaining ground in the logistics industry. Not only the increasing competitive and optimization pressure makes a systematic data analysis absolutely necessary, but also for industry 4.0 strategies Big Data and Smart Data solutions are the prerequisite. LWI's Data Analytics architecture provides users with voice process data, user data and device data in an administration interface and simultaneously carries out an analysis of these values. In addition, the BI instrument defines relevant KPIs - such as server response times, battery life or WLAN field strength - and monitors their compliance. Warehouse managers in particular benefit from this as they control internal processes efficiently and must therefore be informed at all times about the current status of all important warehouse KPIs. LWI's historical data analysis also serves to permanently optimize logistics processes. Another useful function is the definition of limit values. If these values are exceeded or not reached, the system automatically alerts the user. In this way, those responsible are given sufficient time to initiate appropriate measures. LWI is also suitable as a preliminary stage for predictive maintenance: Continuous monitoring of the analyzed data material enables maintenance requirements to be identified at an early stage - before failures or malfunctions occur. All process-relevant data can be easily visualized with LWI. This allows users to see at a glance which voice processes they need to readjust.  

New text and voice functions for Lydia 

After the speech recognition of the Lydia® Voice Suite was recently put on a completely new technological basis, topsystem is now extending the functional scope of the software solution. For example, text messaging allows text messages to be sent as voice messages to voice users. This enables dispatchers or warehouse managers to send messages to employees via voice systems. A more flexible text-to-speech system allows adjustments to be made to the emphasis or pronunciation of a word. This pays off, for example, with special product names or foreign-language terms. Lydia® Voice Help is an online audio help. On request, it tells employees the next process step or the next possible audio input.