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Lydia® on tour in Italy and Germany

In October 2019, Lydia® Voice will go on tour again and offer interested parties a glimpse behind the logistics scenes of well-known companies. As part of the popular roadshows, topsystem will show how its Pick-by-Voice solution works in practice and which increases in efficiency companies can achieve. Two Lydia® customers from a wide range of industries are opening their warehouses for this purpose: on 2 October 2019, the roadshow will stop at eismann in Verona/Italy, the first international station in the event series. On 17 October UVEX Sports GmbH & CO. KG in Fürth opens its doors. Interested parties can find out more about other dates at any time at www.lydia-voice.com. Participation is free of charge. Registration is required.


Autumn Roadshows

What economic advantages do companies achieve with Lydia® Voice in daily warehouse operations? How is the solution integrated into an existing infrastructure? And how do employees benefit from using Lydia® Voice in the long term? These and other questions are answered by topsystem's experts during their roadshows. Each company focuses on the individual challenges of the industry. At eismann, for example, the focus is on the use of Lydia® Voice in deep-freeze warehouses. The conditions put the hardware to the test above all: The devices must withstand the lowest temperatures, so that the coworkers can work reliably. The sports equipment manufacturer UVEX, on the other hand, focuses on the international aspect. The company is already using Lydia® Voice at globally networked locations and is thus achieving significant efficiency advantages.

Lydia® 8 has a completely new technological basis, giving users even more options for future-proof voice warehousing. Multilingual employee teams in particular benefit from the user-specific grammars of the current release: the dynamization of voice grammars significantly increases the flexibility of speech dialog. The use of employees with a dialect or whose native language is not German is now easily possible. After the presentations, interested parties will have the opportunity to visit the camps and there will be plenty of time for networking and exchange.

Registrations are possible immediately under www.lydia-voice.com/newsroom The participation is free of charge.