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Clear favourite among warehouse staff:
LYDIA Voice comes out on top in a direct comparison against its competitors

NORMAL is a retailer specialising in personal care products that was founded in 2013 and now operates in six European countries. The company is currently opening up to five new stores each week, giving customers the chance to purchase “low-priced and exciting everyday products from brand names”. For retailers, rapid growth not only means new requirements and challenges – it also gives rise to new opportunities for warehouse logistics. In NORMAL’s case, the company’s warehouse went from a small basement in its first store to a 37,000m2 warehouse in the space of just five years. With the aid of LYDIA Voice – the clear favourite among staff in a direct comparison with other pick-by-voice systems – the company was able to overcome the challenges associated with its expansion.



Discover how LYDIA Voice is helping NORMAL to grow its business

Why NORMAL opted for LYDIA Voice:

Significant reduction in error rates


Clear favourite among staff


No voice training required


Reliable voice recognition

LYDIA Voice comes out on top in a direct comparison against its competitors

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