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Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence
with Lydia® Voice Picking

Maximum availability and highest quality: In no other industry are the requirements for efficient processes as high as in the automotive and spare parts industries. A standstill in production has a massive impact on upstream and downstream processes. The Lydia® Voice Suite supports automobile manufacturers in facing the challenge of always fulfilling high demands. Precize instructions guide the employee through the individual process steps by Pick by Voice. For the highest quality - and an error rate near zero. With one hundred percent availability of the equipment used. 

Voice Picking offers you a wide range of applications for the automotive and spare parts industries

  • Shopping basket picking for production and mounting
  • Just in time delivery of the components to the mounting site
  • Just in sequence picking for production
  • Supermarket picking
  • Mobile Maintenance solutions
  • Check-listing by voice

Spare Parts Logistics with Voice Picking

The just-in-time delivery of the required components is one of the most important challenges in spare parts logistics. Repair centers are measured by the fast response time in the case of need and the quality of the repair work. Voice picking perfectly supports spare parts logistics through simple handling of small batch sizes and reliable process quality in compiling orders.

More productivity in the warehouse

Volkswagen relies on Lydia® Voice

Lydia® Voice connects logistics and production

Supplying production lines with the right mounting parts places high requirements on intralogistics. Whether bulky components or the smallest screws, Lydia® Voice ensures that the right article arrives at the mounting site on time for installation. Comissioning just-in-time and just-in-sequence is simple and reliable with the Pick by Voice system. 


Components of the highly intelligent voice technology can be flexibly adapted for special cases and different types of sequencing can be implemented. The results of voice process control are convincing: Lydia<sup>®</sup> Voice can increase work productivity by up to 30 percent, which is not uncommon in the automotive industry.

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