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Check by Voice – Automotive

Lydia® Service Suite –
The optimal Check by Voice Solution

Central to our modern maintenance strategies are forward-looking planning, precise cost control and efficient handling of inspection and maintenance tasks. Complete documentation and digital feedback for recorded data play a particularly important role in this.

The Lydia® Service Suite is a dialog system which takes employees through the individual process steps of checking. Furthermore, Lydia® Service Suite offers the presentation of additional visual information. This may be drawings, images or texts on a tablet or smart watch. To record other data, the hardware can apply the camera function as well as voice input. Photos of damage or defects can be recorded here and stored as documents.

Lydia® Service Suite –
simple, fast and ergonomic.

Checklists are used across various sectors, different departments and processes. Whether it is partial processes for servicing, such as maintenance and inspection or for quality checks. Lydia® Service Suite supports checking procedures with voice-assisted dialog.

Besides increasing efficiency and the quality of data, the ergonomics for employees are also improved. With Lydia® Service Suite you always have both hands and eyes free to concentrate on the important steps of the checking process. The freedom gained here considerably facilitates the use of tools and checking instruments.

A standardized process dialog set with the customer in advance creates the advantage of uniform analysis of recorded data and cross-departmental and networked logistics, in accordance with the modern and sophisticated requirements of Industry 4.0.

Your Choice for Voice

There are good Reasons to select Lydia® Voice


Increased Quality

With workflows supported by voice dialog, no checking step is skipped. The process quality and precision of the checking results recorded are significantly increased.


Improved Ergonomics

The hands-free/eyes-free concept ensures your employees are focused on the important steps of the checking process and supports the use of additional checking tools at the same time.


Higher Productivity

The collected checking results are available for further processing and analyses immediately and in real time, thanks to parallel documentation of the work steps. Media disruption and the associated loss of time are things of the past.


Additional Working Safety

Full concentration on individual work stages in the checking process, and intuitive communication with the system by voice input increase working safety for your employees.

faster, more simpel & ergonomic

Check by Voice in Action



Lydia® Service Suite – Areas of Application

Industrial – Maintenance

Optimal process handling requires the use of innovative technologies – such as mobile data collection with Lydia® voice recognition software. The hands-free/eyes-free concept ensures that employees enjoy maximum range of motion while at the same time being able to focus on essential process steps. Instead of handling paper lists, the employee can now record the data to be documented by voice input, i.e. in real time, during the individual work steps.

Automotive – Checklisting

In modern, highly intensive areas, such as the automotive industry, product quality is of the greatest importance. To fulfill these high demands, Lydia® Service Suite displays quality control and other checking processes via voice. The advantages of the hands-free/eyes-free-concept become clear, as the checkers have their hands free to move and consider the object to be checked. Lydia® Service Suite supports your employees optimally and as ergonomically as possible.

Aircraft – MRO

The Lydia® Service Suite supports staff in the field of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), by checking individual aircraft components via voice dialog. Engines have to be inspected in detail after their production and checked for any defects. With the combination of Voice and tablet damages or defects that are identified can be recorded via voice input, but they can also be documented as photos using the camera function of the tablet, and are thereby held as an additional meaningful medium.

All the benefits of Lydia® Service Suite in summary

  • Optimal Ergonomics
  • Increased Work Efficiency
  • No Media Disruptions
  • Increased Quality
  • Hardware-independent
  • Better working Safety
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thanks to latest technologies

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Industrial Suitability

thanks to rugged Devices

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User Satisfaction

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