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Lydia® Voice – The innovative Voice Solution for Your Processes

With Lydia® Voice you are selecting the leading system technologically for voice-controlled as well as ergonomic work processes. The hands-free/eyes-free concept ensures that users enjoy maximum freedom of movement while being able to fully focus on essential process steps.

Choose from a variety of voice-controlled solutions for your individual system to use in intralogistics, production and maintenance as well as quality control.



These Features make Lydia® Voice unique.

  • Speaker-independent – Lydia® Voice manages without employee training.
  • A Variety of Processes – Lydia® Voice supports numerous processes in intralogistics and production.
  • Hardware-independent – Lydia® Voice can be used on the most diverse mobile devices.
  • Simple Integration – Lydia® Voice offers standard interfaces for all current WMS/ERP systems.
  • Quality – Lydia® software and hardware are of "made in Germany" quality and conform to the highest standards.
  • Safe Investment – Lydia® Voice is hardware and platform-independent¬ and therefore viable for the future.

Lydia® Kicks Your Warehouse into Overdrive

When using Lydia®, pickers are equipped with only a headset and a mobile voice computer. The order data from the upstream warehouse management or ERP system is transmitted to the mobile voice clients via wireless LAN or UMTS, and converted into voice commands.

All information, such as bin location, amount or quantity to be retrieved, or even item descriptions are announced on the headset by Lydia®. The staff member then confirms by means of voice input.

The benefits of the Lydia® Voice Suite are undeniable: Lydia® now guides staff through the workflow process, and they are then free to use their hands and eyes at all times to focus on the essential process steps. This leads to a significant increase in quality and processing efficiency. As a result, switching to a voice-controlled system pays for itself within as little as a year for most customers.

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