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We are here to answer Your Questions

Do you have any questions about our software? Or do you need information on our hardware range?
No problem. In the following we have put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Or simply contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

Questions all about our Software

Find out all you need to know about the standards, range of functions and implementation of our Lydia® Voice solutions.

Lydia® Voice supports mobile voice computers and smart devices that use WindowsCE, iOS and Android. Server-side applications run under the current Windows operating system and Linux.

Yes, for the SAP modules, WM and EWM direct integration is available.

Yes, as Lydia is multilingual. You can manage as many languages as you wish in one application, and your employees can choose how to communicate using Lydia®.

Yes, thanks to the speaker-independence of Lydia® Voice and its intuitive operability, the training requirement for untrained staff is very low.

Yes, with our Rent-a-Voxter® modul, we offer you the option of enjoying all the advantages of voice without major hardware investment. We also offer you the same for our software solutions.

Our voice applications run in a multitude of warehouses worldwide. Lydia® Voice supports any form of manual picking in all traditional temperature zones (dry, fresh and deep-freezes).

Lydia® Voice offers numerous standard interfaces for all common warehouse management systems up to direct integration into SAP. We can of course also create customized voice interfaces for your system.

Yes, because via our voice guided checklisting solution, you can also display various processes that ensure quality assurance or quality control.

In the field of voice processing we are constantly working on new creative ideas, where we can deploy voice for voice-controlled employee management and for optimizing your processes.

Questions all about our Hardware

Find out all you need to know about Voxter®, VoiceWear® and our industrial-use headsets for various requirements.

Our Voxter® is designed for tough environment in the warehouse. It is robust and reliable, and thanks to constant further development and ongoing software updates it is always up-to-date. Due to its intuitive operation via voice, it works without any display.

You can arrange a workshop on our voice solution at your premises if you are interested. Besides an initial inspection with identification of your requirements, key points for this appointment are an analysis of your processes and interfaces, as well as a tailored consultation on optimizing your warehouse using voice. At this appointment demo equipment will also be available of course, so that you can thoroughly test the hardware and picking process.

We support the handhelds and voice clients of a variety of reputable manufacturer such as:

  • ACD
  • Datalogic
  • Honeywell
  • Intermec
  • LXE
  • Motorola
  • Zebra
  • u.v.m.

Furthermore, we offer our own hardware from the Voxter Elite Edition, which is best suited to Lydia®

Our voice client, the Voxter® Elite Edition is designed for multi-shift operations. When the shift changes, only the hygiene-related parts, such as the headset, have to be changed. It is not necessary to create a voice client for each employee.

You require a voice client such as our Voxter® Elite Edition and a headset, which you can replace with our Lydia® VoiceWear® as an alternative. In addition you can also use a scanner such as our Voxter® Scan Elite Edition, to record additional information such as batch numbers, best before date, etc.

On the one hand we rely on no-compromise industrial suitability, which requires robust and consistently reliable hardware, and on the other hand on operability that is as intuitive as possible. By doing away with a fragile panel and using control by voice we ensure both.
Another advantage of this deliberate forgoing of a screen is that the activated device no longer has to be held in the hand for the entire shirt and the picker can therefore direct their full attention on the important work steps.

Questions on the Support and Repair Service

Find out all about our competent support, our service range and our all-round carefree packages.

Yes, we offer you a hotline, that is accessible 24 hours around the clock and 365 days a year. We will be pleased to supply a suitable support package for you.

We identify your individual requirements along with you and offer you a customized package.

Contact our technical support. They will first carry out a fault analysis before any further steps have to be taken, and if necessary the faulty device is sent to our competent RepairCenter, where the defect or fault is diagnosed and rectified as quickly as possible.

ln notification, we open up a unique ticket for the entire process (dispatch and repair) via our ticketing system, and this keeps you continuously up to date with regard to progress and location.