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Your Choice for Voice

Your Choice for Voice

Optimize Your Processes in Logistics and Industry with Lydia® Voice.

Check by Voice

Check by Voice

More efficiency and quality in maintenance and quality control thanks to Lydia® Voice.

Innovative Voice Systems for Intralogistics, Production and Quality Control

Optimize your processes and improve your process quality at the same time. The Lydia® Voice Suite provides a wide range of voice-controlled systems for intralogistics, manufacturing, service and maintenance and quality assurance. Stay flexible with this technologically advanced, voice system: whether it is when using Pick by Voice, Check by Voice, Voice&Vision, or when using Lydia® VoiceWear®. Find out here about our solutions, usage options and example applications.



Lydia® Voice – Your Advantages at a Glance.

  • Intuitive Operation – 
    Process control proceeds completely via voice.
  • Smooth Workflow – 
    Unnecessary activities such as the use of paper lists are completely removed.
  • Optimum Ergonomics – 
    The hands-free/eyes-free principle ensures satisfied employees.
  • Improved Process Quality – 
    Employees who concentrate make far less errors. 
  • Greater Efficiency – 
    Focused work increases productivity.
  • High Flexibility – 
    Lydia® Voice works with any hardware and platform.
Voice controlled solutions for Logistics and Production

Process Optimization thanks to Lydia® Voice

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Your Choice for Voice®

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