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PickManager – Easy Pick by Voice Integration

PickManager – Pick by Voice flexible and seamless Integration

PickManager is the key to simple integration of a Pick by Voice solution into your existing warehouse environment: As an interface between the voice clients and the overall warehouse management or ERP system, it takes over all the order picking and order processing.

Due to the standardized and modular design, users can put together the solution based completely on their requirements: PickManager grows with the process and therefore offers maximum flexibility and future reliability.

Make the most of Your
Pick by Voice Application with PickManager

    • Modular program structure for maximum flexibility
    • Easy integration into existing IT infrastructures
    • Improved process quality and increased delivery accuracy
    • Can be used with any platform and database
    • Compatible with numerous industrial-use voice and radio data terminals
    • Use with smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart watches

    Adapt PickManager precisely to Your Requirements.

    PickManager core offers all functions required for working with Pick by Voice. Connected to your warehouse management or ERP system, PickManager controls and manages picking orders in a flexible way.

    All goods movements are transferred to the host system via an interface. PickManager is a self-learning system that generates the required master data like bin location or item master information from the movement data to optimize the processes using intelligent algorithms.

    This reduces the implementation efforts to a minimum. You decide if you want to work with single-order or multi-order picking. Customized data such as EAN, best-before dates, serial numbers, batches/lots or weight controls can also be recorded during picking.

    Flexible and simple integration of Pick by Voice.

    Profit from the most flexible Solution on the Market!

    Verändern sich Ihre Anforderungen im Lager, erweitern Sie einfach den PickManager Core um zusätzliche Features.

    • “Print” extension - with the “print” extension you print out all documents, such as picking or content lists, simply.
    • “Packaging” extension” - with the "packaging” extension, you control packaging processes after picking.
    • “Transport management” extension - with the “transport management” extension, you can organize different forms of transport with radio data terminals too.
    • “Lift truck system“ extension - with the “lift truck system” extension, you control your entire lift truck fleet efficiently with an integrated system.
    • “Statistics” extension - the “statistics” extension enables the identification of performance statistics to determine potential for optimization in the warehouse.
    • “Inventory” - with the “inventory” extension you can carry out your inventory counts conveniently and clearly.

    You have the choice!

    PickManager can be used with any platform or database and is compatible with industrial-use voice and radio data terminals. It is also simple to connect smart devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart watches. This gives you complete investment security. You choose for yourself which hardware to connect. You thereby benefit from our complete package consisting of two state-of-the-art systems.

    PickManager Hardware

    Your Choice for Voice!

    Lydia® Voice kicks your warehoust into overdrive. The Lydia® Voice suite is the leading system technologically for workflow processes that are both voice-controlled and ergonomic. The hands-free/eyes-free concept ensures that users enjoy maximum freedom of movement while being able to fully focus on essential process steps.

    Lydia® runs on the Voxter® voice client as well as on many standard market mobile computers, smart devices and lift truck terminals, and even with various devices in one application.
    This offers a considerable advantages for integration, maintenance and subsequent hardware updates.

    100 %

    Integration of Pick by Voice

    in Your operating System

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    of Your Order Processing