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Check by Voice – Automotive

Lydia® Service Suite – The ideal Check by Voice Solution

Modern maintenance strategies are based around predictive planning, accurate cost control and efficient completion of inspection and maintenance tasks. In this context, seamless documentation and digital verification of the collected data play a particularly important role.

The Lydia® Service Suite is a dialogue system in which employees are guided through the individual audit steps via voice commands. Furthermore, the Lydia® Service Suite provides additional visual information, such as drawings, pictures or text displayed on a tablet or smart watch. As well as voice input, the camera function can be used to record additional data, providing an easy way to take photos of damage or defects and store them as documentation.

Lydia® Service Suite –
easy, fast and ergonomic!

Checklists are used across all industries and in almost every area and process — from servicing sub-processes such as maintenance and inspection to quality inspections. The Lydia® Service Suite supports the inspection process via voice-guided dialogue.

This not only increases the efficiency and quality of your data but also improves the ergonomics for your employees. With the Lydia® Service Suite, they always have both hands and eyes free to concentrate on the essential steps of the inspection process. This extra freedom makes it far easier for them to use the respective tools and test equipment.

Standardised process dialogues — defined in advance with the customer — enable consistent evaluation of the collected data, which in turn helps you to establish cross-departmental and networked logistics in line with the latest requirements for Industry 4.0.

Your Choice for Voice

There are good Reasons to select Lydia® Voice


Increased Quality


When workflows are supported by voice dialogue, no test step is accidentally overlooked. This significantly increases the process quality and the accuracy of the recorded inspection results. 


Improved Ergonomics


Our hands-free/eyes-free concept lets your employees focus on the essential steps of the inspection process and enables simultaneous use of additional testing tools.


Higher Productivity


The test results are available directly and in real time thanks to parallel documentation of the work steps for further processing and analysis. Media changes and the associated lost time are a thing of the past!


Additional Working Safety


By allowing your employees to concentrate fully on the individual steps in the test process and communicate intuitively with the system via voice input, our solution significantly increases workplace safety.

faster, more simpel & ergonomic

Check by Voice in Action



Lydia® Service Suite – Areas of Application

Industrial – Maintenance


Optimal process management requires the use of innovative technologies such as mobile data collection via our Lydia® speech recognition software. Our hands-free/eyes-free concept during voice-guided work guarantees maximum freedom of movement for your staff while at the same time allowing them to concentrate fully on the essential work steps. Instead of handling cumbersome paper lists, employees can now record the data to be documented via voice input during the each work step, i.e. in real time!

Automotive – Checklisting


Modern, high-tech sectors such as the automotive industry require the highest standards of product quality. To meet this challenge, the Lydia® Service Suite maps quality control and other auditing processes via voice input. The benefits of our hands-free/eyes-free concept here are obvious, as it ensures the auditors can keep their hands free to manipulate and observe the objects being inspected. The Lydia® Service Suite supports your employees in their work and provides optimal ergonomics.

Aircraft – MRO


The Lydia® Service Suite supports employees in the area of MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) by enabling individual aircraft components to be checked via voice dialogue. After production and during scheduled testing, jet engines must undergo an in-depth inspection to check for any defects. Through the combination of voice guidance and tablet, any identified damage or defects are not only recorded via voice input, but are also photographed using the tablet’s camera function and are thus documented via an additional, visual medium.

All the benefits of Lydia® Service Suite in summary

  • Optimal Ergonomics
  • Increased working efficiency
  • No media changes
  • Improved quality
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Increased working safety
100 %


thanks to state-of-the-art technology

100 %

Industrial Suitability

thanks to robust end devices

100 %

User Satisfaction

thanks to optimum ergonomics