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Perfect hardware for your voice picking application:
Exactly adjusted to your requirements

Robust, reliable, ergonomic: The demands on the hardware used in voice-guided processes are high. Employees in the warehouse, production or maintenance area have to work with the system on a daily basis. Are you facing the challenge of finding the right solution for your team? Take advantage of our comprehensive range - from mobile voice computers with headsets to ergonomic voice picking vests and smart devices. We will be pleased to advise you

LYDIA Voice Hardware - The advantages at a glance

  • Quality "Made in Germany"
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Perfect for use in rough environments
  • Platform independent
  • Maximum ergonomics
  • Innovative and state-of-the-art solutions 
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Overview of our hardware

Voxter Elite +

The reliable partner for voice-guided picking

No device supports voice applications with LYDIA Voice better than the new VOXTER® Vantage VT5 mobile voice computer. The voice computer was specifically developed to be used with LYDIA Voice. Running on the enterprise operating system Android™ Industrial+, it offers a cutting-edge, voice-optimized platform. All software and hardware components have been designed to work in perfect harmony and have been optimised to offer maximum performance in terms of voice recognition, data transmission and data security. The VT5 also impresses with its unique, low-maintenance design and its outstanding life cycle.

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LYDIA VoiceWear

Hands free, eyes free, head free

No external cables, no headphones, no restrictions on freedom of movement: the VoiceWear opens up a new dimension in ergonomics in the voice picking process. The innovative voice picking vest combines all the necessary components that are important for efficient voice processes: Loudspeaker and microphone as well as a mobile voice computer including LYDIA Voice software. Employees put on their vests comfortably and can start immediately

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You have the choice

Would you like to use our LYDIA Voice Suite on your mobile device? We can make this happen. LYDIA Voice is compatible with many mobile voice computers running Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. Would you like to find out more? Please contact us.

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You want to know more about our hardware options? Get in touch with us!

Frequently asked questions about our hardware

Find out everything you need to know about VOXTER®, VoiceWear and our industrial headsets for a wide range of requirements.

Our VOXTER® is designed for the rough conditions in the warehouse. It is robust and reliable and, thanks to constant further development and ongoing software updates, always up to date. Thanks to its intuitive operability via voice, it does not need a vulnerable display.

If you are interested in our voice solution, you can arrange a workshop at your premises. In addition to determining your requirements, the focus of this appointment will be an analysis of your processes and interfaces as well as individual consulting on optimizing your warehouse with voice. Of course, demo equipment will be available at this appointment so that you can test hardware and picking process extensively.

We support the handhelds and voice clients of numerous well-known manufacturers such as:

  • ACD
  • Datalogic
  • Honeywell
  • Intermec
  • LXE
  • Motorola
  • Zebra
  • Etc.

In addition, we offer our own hardware around the Voxter® Vantage, which is perfectly matched to Lydia®.

Our voice client, the VOXTER® Vantage, is designed for multi-shift operation. Only the hygienically relevant parts, such as the headset, need to be exchanged when a new shift begins. It is not necessary to purchase a separate voice client for each employee.

You need a mobile voice computer such as our VOXTER® Vantage and a headset, which you can alternatively replace with our LYDIA VoiceWear. 

We believe in both an uncompromising industrial capability, which requires robust and always reliable hardware, and a maximum intuitive usability. We ensure both by removing the need for a vulnerable panel and instead focussing on voice control.

An additional advantage of deliberately waiving the screen is that the device does not have to be looked at during the shift, allowing the order picker to focus his attention on the important work steps.