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"On average, we have seen a productivity improvement of up to 7% over our previous voice solution."

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Hear CONA & Coca-Cola Southwest Beverage's Success Story with LYDIA Voice

Lydia Pick by Voice

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Your Choice for Voice

Optimise your processes in Logistics & Industry with Lydia® Voice Picking System.

Lydia Voice: more efficiency in maintenance

Check by Voice

More efficiency and quality in maintenance and quality control thanks to Lydia® Voice.

LYDIA Voice Demo App

Experience Powerful Picking on Android and iOS

Innovative voice picking system for intralogistics, production and quality assurance

Optimise your process flows while improving your process quality. The Lydia® Voice Suite provides you with a variety of voice-operated systems for intralogistics, production, maintenance and quality assurance. Our voice picking system is based on market-leading technology and supports you with Voice Picking, Check by Voice, Voice & Vision or Lydia® VoiceWear®. Find out more about our voice picking system, their possibilities and example applications.

Lydia® Voice Demo for free.

Lydia® Voice Demo App -
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The graphic shows the Pick by Voice Demo App.

Test the Lydia® Voice Demo-App and experience the quality and performance of voice-guided order picking. Our Lydia® Voice Demo guides you through a simple picking dialogue. It is intuitive to use and available in many languages. Download the Lydia® Voice Demo-App from the Google Play Store to your Android device or from the Appstore to your iOS device and you are ready to go.

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The smart voice assistant for logistics, industry and maintenance

That's how Voice Picking Systems works:

Lydia® Voice Picking System — your benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive operation – 
    All processes are controlled 100% by voice.
  • Fluid workflows – 
    Unnecessary operations, e.g. with paper lists, are eliminated entirely.
  • Optimal ergonomics – 
    Our hands-free/eyes-free principle ensures satisfied employees.
  • Improved process quality – 
    Employees who are able to concentrate on the task at hand make significantly fewer mistakes.
  • Significantly increased efficiency – 
    Focused working increases productivity.
  • Highly flexible – 
    Lydia® Voice is hardware and platform independent. Easy Integration in your Warehouse Management Software.  
Voice-guided solutions for logistics and production

Process optimisation with Lydia® Voice


Increased productivity



Satisfied employees



Satisfied customers


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