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The LYDIA VoiceWear : The perfect ergonomic solution for the voice-guided processes.

No external cables, no headphones, no restrictions on freedom of movement: the VoiceWear opens up a new dimension in ergonomics in the voice picking process. The innovative voice picking vest combines all the necessary components that are important for efficient voice processes: Loudspeaker and microphone as well as a mobile voice computer including LYDIA Voice software. Employees put on their vests comfortably and can start immediately. Especially in harsh warehouse or industrial environments, where physical exertion is required, this pays off.

A new dimension in economigs

LYDIA VoiceWear

Highest comfort for voice picking

The VoiceWear has been designed to be comfortable for all employees. The compact system can be put on in just a few steps and thus shortens the preparation time at the start of work. With VoiceWear, your employees are optimally equipped for voice picking. In addition to the integrated, powerful loudspeaker and microphone components, VoiceWear also offers the option of conveniently integrating the VOXTER mobile voice computer.

With VoiceWear you work more safely and ergonomically than ever before!

The VoiceWear is convincing:

  • integrated loudspeaker and microphone components
  • High-performance microphone for optimum speech recognition
  • maximum freedom of movement and ergonomics
  • high wearing & comfortable in all sizes, easy handling right from the start
  • hands free, eyes free, head free

The optimal alternative to your headset

The VoiceWear combines all technical components for voice picking use and provides optimum protection against environmental influences. The high-performance microphone specially developed for the VoiceWear uses the latest beamforming technology and supports reliable speech recognition, especially under high ambient noise conditions. The VoiceWear is therefore also suitable for storage areas where voice picking employees work close together. In terms of wearing comfort, the VoiceWear is superior to any headset because the head remains completely free. 


LYDIA VoiceWear High Vis

LYDIA VoiceWear High Vis
The picking vest for even more safety

The LYDIA VoiceWear High Vis not only enables ergonomic and efficient voice picking, but its special design also guarantees maximum protection and visibility. Thanks to state-of-the-art microphone technology, it can be used even under noisy conditions and extreme temperatures. In addition, the smart vest meets both the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the EN 20471 standard for maximum visibility. And of course, including the proven advantages of voice picking. As with the LYDIA VoiceWear, all necessary components are already integrated in the High Vis version. The system is ready to go in just a few minutes.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple handling makes the system easier to put on and take off.
  • Compact summary and standardized protection of all technical voice components.
  • High visibility vest with reflective strips of highest quality according to EN 20471.
  • High-quality and durable material tested for watertightness.
  • Equal wearing comfort for employees.
  • Can be used in different temperature zones within the warehouse.
  • Easy and convenient washable at 60°C.

Voice picking with the VoiceWear High Vis

With the LYDIA VoiceWear High Vis your employees are optimally equipped for voice picking. The integrated high-performance speaker and microphone components were specially developed for use in noise-intensive warehouse and production areas and optimally designed for voice applications.

In addition, the LYDIA VoiceWear High Vis scores particularly well in terms of occupational safety. As a safety vest, it guarantees maximum visibility in all work processes. At the same time, the picking vest is highly comfortable to wear and easy to handle. It only takes a few steps to put it on.

Would you like to learn more about the use of a VoiceWear? Contact us!