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LYDIA Co-Exist:
Compare LYDIA Voice in parallel operation

Do you want to compare LYDIA Voice with your existing pick by voice system, within your own warehouse environment,  or are you pursuing a two-vendor strategy? Then LYDIA Co-Exist is designed for you. It allows LYDIA Voice to run in parallel with your existing voice system and within a very short time and with minimal effort  - no changes on the WMS side required. It couldn't be simpler. 


Parallel operation of LYDIA Voice and another voice system

  • Parallel test or two-vendor strategy
  • Cost-effective modernization of voice processes
  • Old equipment can be successively replaced. 
  • Identical or even improved voice dialog. 
  • At least identical software functionalities
  • Additional features that only LYDIA Voice offers
  • Use of the existing interface
  • No changes required in the backend
  • Minimal effort on the customer side
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LYDIA Co-Exist Pilot Program

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Our Lydia Voice Demo guides you through the process of picking an order via voice-directed prompts. The process is easy to follow and interactive – workers are excited to use voice and you’ll be excited too, when your distribution center achieves up to 20% productivity improvements! You might think that’s too good to believe and want to know how is that possible? Lydia Voice removes multiple steps in a standard workflow process – the standard nine step process is reduced to five voice-directed steps. Lydia Voice helps you make it happen, often with a return on investment in less than nine months.



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