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Your Choice for Voice

Your Choice for Voice

Optimise your processes in Logistics & Industry with Lydia® Voice.

Check by Voice

Check by Voice

More efficiency and quality in maintenance and quality control thanks to Lydia® Voice.

Innovative voice systems for intralogistics, production and quality assurance

Optimise your process flows while improving your process quality. The Lydia® Voice Suite provides you with a variety of voice-operated systems for intralogistics, production, maintenance and quality assurance. Our voice solution is based on market-leading technology and supports you with Pick by Voice, Check by Voice, Voice & Vision or Lydia® VoiceWear®. Find out more about our solutions, their possibilities and example applications.

Lydia® Voice — your benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive operation – 
    All processes are controlled 100% by voice.
  • Fluid workflows – 
    Unnecessary operations, e.g. with paper lists, are eliminated entirely.
  • Optimal ergonomics – 
    Our hands-free/eyes-free principle ensures satisfied employees.
  • Improved process quality – 
    Employees who are able to concentrate on the task at hand make significantly fewer mistakes.
  • Significantly increased efficiency – 
    Focused working increases productivity.
  • Highly flexible – 
    Lydia® Voice is hardware and platform independent. 
Voice-guided solutions for logistics and production

Process optimisation with Lydia® Voice

Work to the Rhythm of Lydia®

Your Choice for Voice®

20 %

Increased productivity


100 %

Satisfied employees


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Satisfied customers


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