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New release: LYDIA Voice now speaks and understands several languages at same time

At LogiMat 2024, the spotlight is on the new LYDIA Release 9.1 for the voice experts at EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group): users of this leading technological pick-by-voice solution can now assign multiple languages not only for recognition but also for audio output (multi-language output). Users had previously only been able to choose a single output language. A mere voice command is all it takes to switch languages now. The new feature saves time significantly in training non-native speakers, enhances usability and proves beneficial when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. Trade visitors will also learn everything about the new LYDIA VoiceWear Air and its optimum combination with the new release at Stand 8B62 in Hall 8.


LYDIA Voice at the LogiMAT 2024

With the launch of LYDIA Voice 9, the pick-by-voice solution now incorporates multi-language recognition as a standard feature. This means the system is capable of recognising several languages at the same time. This is a decisive advantage, especially when working together in multinational teams or teams which fluctuate on a seasonal basis, since staff can easily respond in their respective language. LYDIA Voice currently boasts more than 50 languages. With the new LYDIA Release 9.1, the all-inclusive solution provider goes one step even further: From now on, several output languages can be assigned to a user instead of just one. The advantage: new employees, especially non-native speakers, can be incorporated significantly faster and used more flexibly for different language-guided processes. Moreover, the language can be easily changed by a service command. As a general rule, LYDIA Voice operates entirely through voice commands, allowing users to effortlessly modify settings such as language, volume, or output speed using only their voice.  


Perfect interaction between soft- and hardware

With the 9.1 release, the voice experts are pointing up their role as a technology leader once again. All hardware and software components are developed with optimum usability in mind. This leads to significantly greater acceptance and a lower employee turnover. The latest version of the time-tested picking vest meets the requirement for an optimum combination between software and hardware at all times. The design of the LYDIA VoiceWear Air has been optimally adapted to users’ needs once more. For example, the voice hardware is no longer wired and integrated into the rear pocket; it is connected via Bluetooth instead, meaning the carrying system is up to 50% lighter. This helps to improve ergonomics and work safety during picking significantly. Users can decide where to attach the hardware themselves. This is a true added benefit, especially for industrial truck drivers. A new feature in this regard is the vehicle mount for the mobile voice computer VOXTER, perfectly synchronized with LYDIA Voice. Visitors to Stand 8B62 in Hall 8 will have the opportunity to test LYDIA Voice and all new features and components at first hand in an interactive picking challenge

LYDIA Voice at LogiMAT 2024: Stand 8B62, Hall 8