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Pick-by-Voice as Game Changer in fresh and frozen Food Logistics

Internal logistics processes need to be completed increasingly faster and more flexibly, yet still be as cost-efficient as possible. This is due to the pressure to optimise having intensified for years and, what’s more, across all sectors.

Clients are imposing increasingly stricter requirements for both frozen food and fresh food logistics, especially regarding delivery times. It is precisely in these segments that the current rises in energy costs are clearly evident, forcing companies to take further optimisation measures. There is another factor that holds significant importance, particularly within the frozen food segment: temperatures down to -23° C subject people and technical equipment to great physical stress. Consequently, the considerable expense and the tough working environment mean that companies must provide their employees with technologies that, firstly, they will enjoy working with and will assist them efficiently from an ergonomic viewpoint. Secondly, these systems must bring improvements to process efficiency and mitigate the rise in total costs. This is why voice solutions have proven their worth in such challenging environments.


Ergonomic and cost-efficient

The conditions in the frozen and fresh food sector present a particular challenge to picking staff as they go about their daily work. They need to wear a cap, gloves and warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold during their shifts. Operations can be difficult while wearing gloves if they need to use lists on paper or portable data terminals, for example. As a result, mistakes are made and employees may become frustrated.

Last but not least, logistics is experiencing a shortage of manpower, especially in picking. Jobs in logistics are physically strenuous. It is even more challenging to find and retain good staff precisely because of the tough conditions. The solution is often to use temporary workers, who will need to be trained within a short time, an additional cost factor for companies. In such cases, the use of modern, user-friendly technologies is an approach which can be used to attract employees and, above all, retain them for the long term.