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Lydia® — Voice picking technology of tomorrow

One thing is beyond doubt: spoken language is the most natural way to communicate. For this reason, there is no simpler system for logistics and the development of voice-operated systems is both a logical step and a contemporary technology. For picking tasks in particular, voice guidance makes the work more effective and productive thanks to intuitive operation of the system.


Voice Picking completely replaces traditional picking, which is largely based on unwieldy documents and paper lists. Furthermore, it can be used as a stand-alone solution or combined with other systems, such as barcode technology.

Voice Picking: all the benefits at a glance

Maximum Productivity


Voice Picking reduces the number of steps in the picking process. The employee receives instructions via voice message and confirms these via voice input. This not only results in significant time savings, but also eliminates the need for cumbersome paper lists or mobile barcode readers. The corresponding items can thus be picked quickly and with significantly improved accuracy, as the employee is able to concentrate fully on the retrieval process.

Simple Integration


Voice Picking can be easily integrated into your existing IT environment. Modern Pick by Voice systems support smooth communication with all common warehouse management and ERP systems, either via direct integration or suitable interface modules. In this way, you benefit from a significant increase in the quality and performance of your picking process within a very short time frame.

Reliable Standards


Our Voice Picking solutions are based on standard components. Communication takes place via a small mobile computer, which is worn on the employee’s belt or as VoiceWear® (as required). For this purpose, we either use standard, commonly available devices or robust hardware, such as the Voxter®, which has been specially optimised to cope with harsh warehouse environments. The choice is yours.

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Your Choice for Voice!

Your Voice Picking benefits in all processes

Reduced operating costs


Paperless processes, increased productivity and a reduced error rate result in considerable savings and rapid amortisation.

Improved quality


Each picked item is immediately confirmed and checked via voice input. Errors are eliminated, so there is no need for manual follow-up.


Increased workplace safety


Voice-guided working lets employees concentrate fully on their surroundings and thus increases their awareness of events in the warehouse.

Satisfied employees


The voice assistant brings a significant increase in ergonomic working, resulting in a high degree of acceptance and satisfaction among employees.