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New LYDIA Voice Demo App includes unique 100% voice control and multilanguage recognition features

The advantages of 100% voice-controlled picking processes can now be tried out on any Android smartphone with the release of a new, expanded version of the LYDIA Voice Demo App, now available free-of-charge from the Google Play store. Taking interested parties step-by-step through the 100% voice-controlled picking process, the LYDIA Voice Demo App now includes multilanguage recognition and even more of the user-friendly features that have made EPG’s LYDIA Voice the world’s number one pick-by-voice solution on Android devices. With a proven global record of innovation in technological leadership, Germany-based EPG is the only voice provider to offer users such an accessible opportunity to test its voice applications.

Voice picking innovator EPG expands free sampling app

No training, multilanguage recognition as standard

A unique advantage of LYDIA Voice fully available for testing and sampling on the app is multilanguage recognition, now a standard feature of the cutting-edge LYDIA Voice 9 released last year. Multilanguage recognition enables LYDIA Voice to understand multiple languages in parallel, a clear plus in many warehouses and working environments with the needs of multinational personnel to consider. On the LYDIA Voice Demo App, users may pick up to 25 languages to test, while LYDIA Voice supports more than 50 languages in productive use cases.

Requiring no voice template training, LYDIA Voice is 100% voice-controlled, which means that the user does not even have to pick up or hold the device in warehouse picking operations. These advantages mean users can start with full confidence on their first day in the role. This is particularly valuable in working environments with high turnovers of staff, such as at seasonal peaks. The new, expanded LYDIA Voice Demo App allows users to try for themselves further advantages exclusively by voice command, including speed and volume percentages, on-off microphone switch by voice, and even battery level.

Proven productivity increases

Completely hands-free and eyes-free, LYDIA Voice gives manual pickers more freedom to pick quickly and accurately without the constant interruption, and potential distraction, of a hand scanner. These and other valuable benefits have placed EPG technological innovation at the heart of the automation revolution in global warehouse logistics over the past decade, with customer numbers showing consistent upward growth and reporting productivity increases of 7-15% after switching from other voice systems to LYDIA Voice. It is now the world’s number one pick-by-voice solution on Android devices and customers include some of the world’s biggest and best-known names in retail, warehouse logistics and parcel delivery.

“The key to the success of LYDIA Voice is that you’re ready to start work as soon as you make your very first voice command,” comments Tim Just, CEO Voice Solutions, EPG. “What better way for us to demonstrate its simplicity to potential new users than via our free Lydia Voice Demo App? It offers all of the multilanguage recognition and no-touch voice command benefits of LYDIA Voice 9 and is therefore a great way to sample for yourself the benefits of the technology in the comfort of your own time and setting.”

The LYDIA Voice Demo App is available now for download to all Android users at the Google Play store.