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Limited Offer for Free LYDIA Voice Taster Program

LYDIA Voice Picking Solution -
Performance Boost Guaranteed!

Compare LYDIA Voice with your current picking solution and we guarantee it will provide you with a boost in the performance of your warehouse operations - regardless, if you are working with another voice solution, scanner or paper-based solution.


Our limited offer for a 30-day LYDIA Voice Taster Program will show you the power of up-to-the-minute voice technology. Straight-forward to implement and use, with no voice training needed, you can run the trial alongside your existing systems according to your preference.

No commitment, no need to buy or lease and no fees due for taking part.

In just 30 days, the LYDIA Voice Taster Program will allow you to:

  • PROVE that LYDIA Voice users are 7-20% more productive
  • EVALUATE the latest generation of deep learning/AI Voice recognition
  • EVALUATE our unique ‘VoiceWear 4’ vest that allows for Voice without a headset.
  • COMPARE LYDIA Voice with your current solution (e.g. existing voice solution, scanner or paper), live in your own warehouse/operation
  • TEST integrating LYDIA into your WMS or ERP without major expense
  • SEE how hardware and software from a single provider can save you time and support costs.
Learn more about our LYDIA Voice Taster Program! Our team is happy to help!
In just 30 Days.

We'll Prove it to You!

At the end of the trial, we believe that you will be 100% convinced by the clear increase in productivity that LYDIA provides. If not, then there is no need to buy or lease with us and there are no fees for taking part. We simply ask you to return the hardware to us.


However, if you have experienced this increase in productivity first-hand and decided to make the jump to LYDIA, then we can deliver the final version quickly and your operation can start benefitting from increased productivity, as we will have already ensured that integration is possible to your particular WMS or ERP. You have nothing to lose!

What our Customers Experienced:


100% Employee Satisfaction


7-20% Productivity Increase


up to 30% Reduction in Errors


99.9% Accuracy

LYDIA Voice Taster Program

DO it like Coke One North America -
Try the LYDIA Voice Taster Program

Success Stories


UK electrical component supplier Niglon switched from paper processes to LYDIA Voice in order to solve picking problems and boost inventory management. The challenge was to increase order picking accuracy from 96% to 99.9%. "Yes, accuracy is now 99.9%," says Niglon's Operations Director Oliver Hinley. In addition, Niglon can report 10-20% productivity gains across all operators. "We’ve increased turnover by double-digit figures but without any need to increase the number of permanent staff. If we do need extra staff, however, they can be upskilled into a complex environment very quickly, because LYDIA Voice requires no voice training and is very user-friendly," Hinley confirms.

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Pet Food Experts - a wholesale distributor of pet supply products - opted for LYDIA Voice in order to scale their business across the US. Pet Food Experts found LYDIA Voice provided greater visibility on the status of active and scheduled orders, improved worker onboarding with voice-directed processes, and enhanced worker performance and task analytics. The results speak for themselves: "Our order accuracy is averaging 99.9% since implementation," explains James Bettencourt, COO at Pet Food Experts reports. The company also experienced a 38% increase in productivity and a tremendous reduction of overall operating costs.

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Coke One North America (CONA), a long-time user of voice-directed workflows, decided to look at a new voice solution and tested two providers side-by-side. The clear winner was LYDIA Voice: “The Lydia Voice solution addressed all of our needs and concerns, and had the best user feedback,” Baron Jordan, CONA Chief Product Officer explains. By delivering high service availability in challenging network environments, eliminating voice template training and voice recognition errors, LYDIA Voice has increased efficiency at each of  CONA's 92 implementation sites.

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LYDIA Voice Taster

What our Customers say

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