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Voice in Retail:
On a Shopping Tour with Lydia® Voice.

Ordering online and having it delivered to your home or, optionally, picking it up from the store: Today's customers have very individual requirements and options for how they want to do their shopping. Retailers are, therefore, increasingly turning to omnichannel strategies to provide customers with the ideal shopping experience. And, especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus, more and more consumers are foregoing the trip to the supermarket. This is further accelerating the trend towards online and click-and-collect offers in the retail sector. To enable retailers to meet these complex customer needs, high-performance technologies are needed to support the processes. The Lydia® Voice Pick-by-Voice solution has already proven itself in warehouse and distribution centers around the world and is therefore predestined for innovative in-store applications.

Retail applications with Lydia® Voice.

  • Ideal shopping experience for your customers
  • Optimisation of the entire flow of goods in the store
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis options
  • Optimal support and fast training of employees and temporary staff
  • Increased productivity through lean, efficient processes
  • High flexibility in terms of application design and hardware used


Lydia® Voice: the perfect assistance system for various requirements in retail.

Receiving goods in the store

Lydia® Voice supports the smooth reception of goods in the store. This can either be purely voice-supported, or in combination with other devices, such as MDEs or tablets.

Replenishment control on the shelves

Lydia® Voice supports the refilling process from the warehouse to the shelves in the store. Here, the pure replenishment dialog can be extended with additional features, such as label printing. In addition, the employee can be given additional work instructions for specific products by voice.

Picking of Click-and-Collect/ Ship-from-Store orders

Lydia® Voice ensures fast and error-free picking of customer orders in the store or in the dark store that were ordered online. Multi-order orders can also be processed and made available for pickup or delivery in a timely manner.


Lydia® Voice supports the one-time inventory process as well as the permanent and sample inventory. Store managers have a real-time overview to the flow of goods and the current stocks in the store warehouse and on the shelves. This ensures better planning - also in terms of costs.

Self-scan/ self-check out

Processes in which customers scan their ordered goods themselves and make their own payments are becoming increasingly important (self-scan and self-checkout). Here, too, there are numerous conceivable applications where Lydia® Voice guides customers through the purchasing process by voice.

For an individual shopping experience.

Proven in the warehouse, revolutionary in the retail sector: Lydia® Voice.

Voice-guided systems give you more flexibility: In your branch, you can use Lydia® Voice either as a voice-only application, or you can combine the system with MDEs or scanners. All according to your requirements.

The use of Lydia® Voice increases process efficiency. Employees are no longer dependent on paper lists, for example, to carry out their tasks. They receive all information about the job via voice instructions in real-time. The entire process is thus digitalised and the flow of goods can be traced at any time. Furthermore, the system is speaker-independent, which means that language training is not necessary. Your employees can start immediately and are efficient from the first minute. 

With Lydia® Voice you benefit from maximum ergonomics: the hands-free, eyes-free concept means that your employees have both hands free for compiling orders. Voice input is intuitive. It doesn't matter which device you use and you can choose flexibly between a headset and the Voxter® mobile voice computer, or the Lydia® VoiceWear® picking vest.

Lydia® Voice enhances the quality of the composition of goods. Errors are avoided because every step is announced by voice instructions. The employees also confirm their activity by voice.

Omnichannel trade

The trend towards a flexible shopping experience.

If you want to survive in today's highly competitive retail market, you have to establish high-performance processes in order to be able to operate efficiently. At the same time, it is important to create a perfect shopping experience for customers in order to retain them in the long term. Flexible systems are in demand: customers expect an intuitive and convenient shopping experience, and one that can be used regardless of time and location. They no longer buy only from stationary retailers or exclusively online - the desire to use multiple channels flexibly is also increasing. Ordering online and picking it up from the store (Click and Collect), or ordering online and having the fresh goods delivered to your home (Ship from Store) are omnichannel concepts that retailers must push more and more. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this trend has accelerated. Customers avoid going to the supermarket for their daily shopping and prefer to order their groceries online, for example via smartphone. Even customers who were previously skeptical about the possibilities of the omnichannel now see the advantages of this concept. This trend shows that the new omnichannel strategies have a long-term impact on people's shopping behavior.

Lydia® Voice passes the mask test.

Secure speech recognition even with a mouth-and-nose protector!

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