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LYDIA Subscription
Easy and flexible rental model for pick by voice

LYDIA Subscription is a rental model for the simple and cost-efficient integration of our LYDIA VOICE solution into your existing warehouse environment. The rental package is your easy entry into voice-directed warehousing with LYDIA VOICE, including all the required voice licenses as well as licenses for integration into the overarching warehouse management or ERP system. The subscription model can also be configured to include the corresponding voice hardware and cloud hosting with managed services as additional options.



Take your intralogistics processes to a whole new level today and benefit from a quick ROI using leading voice technology.

Benefits of LYDIA Subscription:

  • Transparent cost calculations thanks to fixed monthly rates 
  • Direct ROI 
  • Maximum flexibility 
  • Easily scalable thanks to addition of extra workplaces 
  • Latest software and hardware, including comprehensive service support 
  • Top performance 
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LYDIA as a service – managed services and cloud hosting added as new options

LYDIA Subscription is now available with the additional options of managed services and cloud hosting. Reap the benefits of our fully comprehensive service – from cloud-based facility and operation management, regular updates and release upgrades to remote technical support and guaranteed system availability. 




Maximum flexibility and immediate ROI

LYDIA: Software as a service
– An “all-in-one” package

Turbo boost

Take advantage of our “all-in-one” package, with cloud-based set-up and guaranteed system availability. Swifter set-up and go-live than “on premises” installations.

Maximum IT security

Certified high-level standards for IT and data security along with reliable back-up and data recovery functions guarantee maximum protection.

Remote support services

Free up your IT resources. The LYDIA Voice support team has full access to the system, enabling it to deliver fast and effective support, updates and upgrades when required.

Software licenses


LYDIA Subscription allows you to access the software licences and mobile voice computers required to use LYDIA VOICE. Integrated into your ERP or overarching warehouse management system, LYDIA helps you to handle picking orders reliably and efficiently. 

On top of that, you receive LYDIA Care software support, which also covers release upgrades, for instance. That means you always get the latest software features and security updates, ensuring maximum performance. 



To ensure the seamless interaction between software and hardware and thus guarantee top performance, the software can also be rented together with the VOXTER Vantage VT5 voice computer (batteries and charger included). The VOXTER Vantage VT5 is the perfect hardware to pair with LYDIA Voice and guarantees maximum voice recognition performance. 

LYDIA Subscription is also hardware-independent and can therefore be used on the devices of other manufacturers, provided they meet the requirements for voice applications in an industrial environment. In this case, you would only need to rent the software licences, giving you maximum flexibility.

LYDIA as a service – cloud hosting and managed services 


LYDIA Subscription is also available with an additional option, LYDIA as a service, which encompasses cloud hosting and managed services. Cloud hosting significantly shortens the time needed for the system to become operational. With this option, the voice application is set up remotely in an easy and secure manner in accordance with the highest IT security standards, helping to save valuable IT resources. Choosing the ‘LYDIA as a service’ option means you can count on guaranteed system reliability and a fully comprehensive service. 

Fast and flexible cost reduction

LYDIA Subscription – a hassle-free way to enter the world of voice-controlled warehouse operations

For many companies, software rental models represent an appealing alternative to purchasing the products outright since they can avoid upfront investments and prevent resources from being tied up for long periods of timeFlexible subscription models do not require any overall capital expenditures, and therefore do not tie up capital within a company’s fixed assets. They thus offer a seamless and cost-efficient way to optimise processes with an early return on investment.



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Free Webinar: LYDIA Pick by Voice – Now available by subscription

Start optimising your intralogistics operations today. Reap the benefits of leading voice technology – without any high investment risks. Our new subscription model provides you with a simple and cost-effective way to venture into the world of voice-assisted warehouse environments. With LYDIA Subscription, you’ll be able to respond to the changing requirements in your logistics operations with maximum flexibility.

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