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REWE Dortmund improves picking capacity by 10% with LYDIA Voice

REWE Dortmund is using LYDIA Voice for picking in its new FriZ fresh produce hub. The leading technological speech recognition solution has impressed the German grocery chain in just a short time. Its extremely reliable speech recognition means even employees with a thick accent can work without making mistakes. This together with simple handling of the associated hardware ensures high satisfaction among the workforce and management alike. Picking capacity in the fruit and vegetables section soon increased by 10%. REWE Dortmund has already gained experience with pick-by-voice in other sections of its warehouse. That’s why the company opted to operate LYDIA Voice alongside its existing voice solution. The advantage that LYDIA Voice offers is that employees can start using it productively immediately without speech training.


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The results at a glance

10% greater picking capacity

The introduction of LYDIA Voice saw employee performance increase and picking error rates decline.

Simultaneous operation of LYDIA Voice

REWE opted for a two-supplier strategy in its fresh produce hub to minimize risks. With LYDIA Voice, REWE also benefits immediately from any new developed features.

High employee acceptance

LYDIA Voice is easy to use and ensures reliable speech recognition, even with employees who have a thick accent.

No speech training

Picking with LYDIA Voice doesn’t entail long onboarding phases. Employees can start using it productively immediately and high performance is guaranteed in the warehouse at all times.

REWE Dortmund is completely satisfied

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